Remember, You’re Going to Die – Here’s How to Use It To Your Advantage

There’s this one old Latin (or is it Greek?) word that becomes a guiding light in the way that I live my life on a daily basis.

It’s called “Memento Mori” and it loosely translates to “Remember, You’re Going to Die” or “Remember, You are Mortal”. (This may seem like a very dark post but trust me, it’s not)

The image below is the Chinese translation of the word. I’m not exactly sure if it was translated correctly, hopefully it was.

My cousin gave it to me as a “pasalubong” when she went on a vacation trip from China. I asked her for it.

Anyway, so many of us try to live as if we’re never going to die.

We try to delay things we’re afraid to do because “we have lots of time.”

We don’t take risk because we’re afraid to fail. Because we’re afraid that our life’s achievement (no matter how huge or small) will be wasted.

I’m not saying that we should live like kings and do stupid shit because “we’re gonna die soon”. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t make plans for the future. I’m not saying that we should party all day and spend all our money.

What I’m saying is that we should meditate (think about) our mortality.

Let us not be arrogant and think that we’re gonna live forever. We aren’t.

So start taking a little bit more risk, start taking the steps that will eventually lead you to quit that day job you hate, start looking for friends that appreciates you, start doing something that in your heart of hearts, truly matters. If that’s having a pet – then go take care of one. If it’s starting a business – then go start one. It doesn’t have to big by other people’s standards.

Define your own happiness and if possible, find a way to serve others while doing it.

Because why the hell not? You’re going to die anyway.


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