The Value of Patience & Empathy

Everyone’s the Hero in Their Own Story

The problem with most villains is that they didn’t know they were the villain in the story.

In their minds, they think that they are the hero. They are the one who’s on the right side, or at least, he thinks that his actions are well intended/justified.

The point is this. We should always strive to understand other people and give them the benefit of the doubt. Obviously, we shouldn’t tolerate people doing stupid/potentially dangerous things.

But when it comes to “every day stuff” like, someone being mean, someone coming late or someone just being a total dick for no apparent reason – let us always give them the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe they’re just having a bad day.

Or maybe he/she just doesn’t know the value of your time.

Maybe she did have a bad childhood…

Truth is, you can’t control what other people do.

You can never change a person for who they are. You can only try to influence them and hopefully, help them change for the better.

So let us be patient. Let us be understanding. We can never know the whole story but we can always try. We can never understand everything but we can understand some things.

Give people a chance. People change. Not always, but they do.

And always look at yourself in the mirror.

Am I doing the same negative thing?




Then who am I to judge?


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