The Reason You’re Suffering Is

I agree.

How easy it is to get caught up by our own problems? By our own dilemmas?

It’s easy to think that we’re the most unlucky person on Earth because we don’t have this and that. Because we experienced this and that. Let go of your ego and ask yourself, do I really need to add “drama” to my problems?  (No) Am I trying to give meaning to every single thing that happens to me (Yes, but you shouldn’t)

Am I the only person who is experiencing the same hardship/s right now? 

The answer is Fuck No. And there’s 1,000000% chances that you’re not the last who will.

So go get a hold of yourself and let go of your goddamn ego.

So stop thinking about yourself too much.

Define the problem, find a solution and act on it. Don’t try to add some B.S. story that makes you feel that your problem is different, special and something nobody can solve.


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