Why I Stopped Complaining About How Much I Earn… And Why You Should Too.

Back when I was still an employee (1 ½ yrs. ago), I decided to STOP doing something that I had a bad habit of doing.


“I’m barely getting by…, fuck taxes, fuck my low paying job”

“Here comes the rent again…, fuck taxes, fuck my low paying job”

At the end of the month, I only have so much left that even though I was trying so hard to save money, it felt like I’m still going nowhere.

Then one day, I was listening to a tape from a 1980s seminar and I hear Jim Rohn said something like this one:

“Stop looking for an above average job, with an above average pay without becoming an above average person first.”

It woke me up.

The problem is not my job. It’s not my salary.

It’s me. It’s my skills. It’s my value to my company or to other people.

I realize that my income is directly proportionate to the value I’m giving the marketplace.

So I stopped complaining about my income. Or at least, lessen the complaining. I’m not perfect, I already earn more than my last job but I still tend to complain about taxes and how my customers are not buying enough of my books.

But then again, it’s not their fault!

It is mine!

So I should ask the following questions:

How can I improve my work so people will start buying more?

I am in control.

Now you might be asking, “what if I’m not an entrepreneur? I don’t have any control on how much money my employer is willing to pay me.”

In some way, you’re right.

But still, what if you have better skills than what you have right now?

What would happen if you start getting better at your job? You’ll probably get promoted or get a new position that suits you more. Which will then increase your salary.

So this isn’t an argument about being an employee or an entrepreneur.

At the end of the day, your skills and what you’re willing to do will dictate your value to the marketplace.

So instead of complaining, why don’t you ask yourself how you can get better? How can you increase your worth? How can you learn new skills that can help your organization? How can you help other people?

If you’re miserable right now, I can guarantee you that 90% of your misery is because you’re focusing too much on yourself.

Focus on other people. You won’t only increase your income but also your own happiness.






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