It’s Time to Stop Blaming 2016

Looking for an above average job, with an above average pay without becoming an above average person… now that’s stupid.

– I have no idea who said this. Probably Jim Rohn and Me.

(This post is not in any way a personal attack to your character or experience. Don’t read it if you’re a sensitive and easily offended person. I warned you.)

“Rough Year”

That was my exact tweet a few weeks ago and I’m not exactly wrong about it. 2016 has been the toughest year of my entire short life.

I hit a plateau in my career. I’m working harder than ever but my business wasn’t growing.

I didn’t gain any weight and I still look like a skeleton.

I never dated… not even once.

And so on…

You probably have a list of your own too!

So yeah, 2016 is really tough.

But it’s time that we start taking responsibility for our own actions and results.

It’s time to stop blaming 2016.

It’s time to start taking responsibility on our losses.

I know that some of you probably lost someone (deceased family member, friend etc.), that’s out of your own control. I’m not talking about this kind of lost.

I’m talking about stuff that you have direct control with. Your own actions and your re-actions to mistakes and failures.

Like that business opportunity that you take passed with. That partner that you keep pissing off because of your jealousy. That high paying job that will finally let you buy your dream car – but you let slip away because you didn’t prepare for the interview.

Those are some of the things that made me and you think that 2016 sucks.
In reality, it is us who really sucks.

It’s our attitude towards others, our work or our relationship.

So stop blaming 2016 and start using it as a learning experience instead.

If you don’t change, then nothing will.

2017’s just going to be more of the same.

You might as well blame a rock for your misery.

The Good News is it’s almost 2017 and you can have that “reset button” again!

So use this time to plan and prepare for next year.

I will, and I wish the same for you.


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